Krystele Chavez

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Child loss: Lincoln Gideon

August 1, 2018: It was an emotionally difficult day for us. I never expected to be where I am... burying a son. Trials can be a dark place. It had been cloudy all morning and it seemed to match my emotions, but I needed to be reminded that even in my darkest hours, God is there. 

13 years ago, and about 2 weeks before she passed away from cancer, Del's mom had a dream that they were all sitting around a dinner table and she was seated next to a baby. Upon recent news of Lincoln's passing, we put the pieces together and realized that baby must have been Lincoln. You can call it premonition, but we had goosebumps knowing God had this orchestrated all along. 

Sometimes you have to go through trials to see the most beautiful blessings, and for Del and I, it's knowing that we're still parents to twins: one earth-side, one heaven-side.

God is behind every dark cloud, and He promises to use our uncertain times to accomplish His bigger and better purposes deep within our lives.