Krystele Chavez

Passionate. Achiever. Artistic.

Krystele Chavez is a young woman of distinctions. Her introduction to piano at age 5 has not only stirred her love for music, but also brought her many joys of being able to perform in many venues. Her diligence to pursue singing paid off when she was chosen as a finalist for the 2010 American High School Honors Performance Series and performed at the world-famous Carnegie Hall. Besides music, Krystele has also proven to be a master speaker, winning regional and national speech and debate competitions. Particularly in 2007, she ranked 35th best speaker, outshining more than 300 other hopefuls from all over the world in that year’s International Parliamentary Debate Competition held in Claremont, California. 

Her excellent academic training and artistic discipline, as well as her strong belief and family, have helped her greatly to be a well-rounded person and a dynamic young leader. She exudes beauty, sophistication, and a strong personality. 

She loves people and being social media savvy, and finds it enjoyable to organize and coordinate events for her clients across the nonprofit, government and corporate sector, putting to good use her bachelor’s degree in communications and political science from Simon Fraser University, as well as certification in video production from the University of British Columbia. As a youth mentor and leader in her local community, she especially believes in giving back and making a difference.

Born and raised on the tropical island of Saipan, Krystele has a natural appreciation of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. She and her family have migrated and now live in British Columbia, Canada. At just 23, she was previously a marketing content writer for an international tour operator, but is now proud to handle communications for the provincial body that provides leadership and support to housing providers and other stakeholders through programs, services, educational opportunities and advocacy. As an avid traveler, her experiences abroad, particularly in India, Nepal and Indonesia, have influenced her perspective on life, especially in overcoming adversity, building authentic connections and transformation.


Photograph: National Orchid Garden, Singapore