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4 Life Lessons Dad Taught Me

For the next several minutes, think about your dad - his influence over you, his investment in you, his insights to you. 

I can already feel his hand wrapped around mine; his strong, secure arm across my shoulders. It’s a balanced mixture of gentleness and determination, with compassion and masculinity.

My dad is not perfect, and in fact, time after time, he would be the first to admit it. But there’s two things he will always be: my dad and my first love.

Everything in me stems from his deep love and commitment to giving me the best possible internal foundation, and so on this Father’s Day, I am honored to share a few of the many lessons he has taught (and continues to teach) me in my life.

Manners and education will open doors that nothing else can, but wisdom will get you far.

He raised me with the value that talent will get you through the door, but character will keep you inside. He encourages me to read voraciously, to learn, and never assume. It’s no coincidence that he spends much of his time in his own corner of the dining table, engrossed in the Word. He always wants to learn and to teach and does so with his trademark humility and integrity. What a legacy this is. 

You only have so much time — human interaction is life’s greatest luxury.

Up to this very day, my dad would sit at the edge of the bed to ask me how was your day?. He shrugged off the long work days so that we could live in blissful oblivion. He crafted a wonderfully normal childhood for us while balancing all of the struggles of having a strong family bond. He raised me to see the positive, and to discount the negative by always encouraging me to put family first and to only surround myself with those who would uplift.

Never lose your strong work ethic.

My dad has no interest in the banalities of pop culture or the pettiness on TV. What captures his imagination are things that are long-lasting, stories of those who’d come before, history with its inarguable impact. And coming from a family who had nothing, my dad never lost sight of the fact that a strong work ethic will become your drive. When life throws me lemons, I pause and remind myself of moments when he may have had to stand alone when no one believed in him, when he stood by me at my lowest stages, when he stood against insurmountable odds, when he provided that shelter in my time of storm, and how he’d sacrificed so much to give his kids a shot at this good life.

In the end, it’s who you are on the inside that matters.

My dad continues to create a legacy of integrity, respect and love that not only impresses all of those around him, but leaves an impression on me that I hope, will make me half as wonderful as he is.

"A righteous man who walks in his integrity—How blessed are his sons [and daughters] after him" (Proverbs 20:7).

So take it from me —  he doesn’t need that extra silk tie, tool box or bbq grill. They’d be nice, but there’s only one thing he needs on Father's Day. 

Appreciation from you… affirmation that he inspires you… but plain and simple, he needs to hear you say "Dad, I love you.”